Hi, I'm Shaun - a strategic and data driven product designer.

I focus on establishing cultures that help solve real user problems at scale, faster.

I've been working as a product designer for over 10 years. No one in your business can tell you what your users need except them. I employ user-centred practices that are proven, used by silicon valley giants and scale elegantly. Here are some ways I can could help you:

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Lean UX Research & Delivery

Big bang delivery is dead. Users want you to sense their needs and respond to them now. If you don't, they leave. I can bring in lean research & iterative design to work with your multidisciplinary teams to deliver value quickly. I do this incrementally, continuously and measurably to ensure users get value and you learn in parallel.

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Drive Empathy and Data Informed

Humans are often wrong. Balancing the value of qualitative (the why) and quantitative (the what) data is the cornerstone of healthy product development. I've talked to countless users, run hundreds of A/B tests and analysed endless sets of user behavior to understand, validate and measure solutions. If you feel uncomfortable being wrong, let me show you it's OK to be.

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User Centered Strategy

I don't just say user centricity, I mean it. I bring a user-centred design approach to inform product strategy and create a measurable north star. I can help you discover what your users really need. We can use it to embed meaningful purpose among the team - win/win.

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Design Leadership

Design is more than pixels. I believe in safety and autonomy to help design shine and evolve the craft. I'm experienced in establishing, growing and refining co-located and distributed design and research practices. This includes recruiting, coaching and capability planning. I can help you modernise, mature and scale your design practice to take it to the next level.

I've worked with some of the worlds most recognised brands and tech companies.

News Corp
Pepsico Aust.
The Athlete's Foot

My Work

I’ve worked on and led a plethora of products and projects. Some tactical. Some strategic. Though, all Lean-Agile, measured and incremental. Learn about how I've had impact with my recent work below.

Co-created User & OKR Driven Product Strategy

Company - Openpay

To help forecast value and impact for the next two quarters, I brought together teams from Australia, UK and Ukraine to uncover the breadth of user and business value available through user research. I used this to drive measurable goals across Product, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing.

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Crafting a Search UX Vision for the Future

Company - Redbubble

Redbubble had no shortage of discovered opportunities in the search area. To provide a beacon for the future, I used validated user research and quantitative data to formulate a UX vision. This vision acted to unify the team and paved the way for many of the features you see today on Redbubble’s search.

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Improving How Openpay Works Together

Company - Openpay
Team Building

Through C-level engagement, empowering change agents and advocates, I evolved Openpay's operating model to be distributed, autonomous, Agile and product centric. I defined what design meant, then built and distributed the first design team within the new team structure.

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Empowering Better Product Decisions

Company - Redbubble

Redbubbles product suite was growing rapidly which was making user decisions more challenging. Through analysing historical research, design sprinting

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Making Onboarding Easier

Company - Openpay

Openpay’s Onboarding was overwhelming, adding unnecessary friction and stopping users from getting started. Through a redesign using elements of gamification and a more focused flow and softer language, I was able to make it easier to onboard, increasing new customer success significantly.

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Future Proofing Search Filtering

Company - Redbubble

Redbubbles product filters differ vastly across its product suite. Users told us they wanted more control as they were on the hunt for “their thing”. Through iterative discovery and collaboration with our users, I was able to design a model that worked across all devices and scale with product and filter growth.

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Word On The Street

To build quality products, you need healthy and safe teams. Without them, the users lose out and it's not fun to solve complex user problems. That’s why I pride myself on building healthy teams and relationships. Here is what some people have said about working with me.

"Shaun displays great design leadership: supportive of his team, proficient across the spectrum of product discovery research through to on the tools UX and UI designs, very collaborative, a real champion of agile ways of working."

Stewart Boon: Head of Product at Oculo
Stewart Boon Product Director - Ex Envato

"Shaun has been a massive contributor to the growth of Openpay and the overall ways of working within the Technology Team. He demonstrated tenacity and focus on a cultural delivery approach as the business came to grow in the agile/product design space."

Katrina Burke: Chief Information Officer at Openpay
Katrina BurkeChief Information Officer - Openpay

"Shaun had a massive impact on transforming the Openpay culture to be more product and customer-focused. He is extremely personable and collaborative."

Jacob Christophersen: Software Development Lead at Openpay
Jacob Christophersen Development Lead - Ex Microsoft

"Shaun's a highly conceptual and detail oriented product designer. He's a unique hybrid with many years of experience working with data to rationale and develop holistic customer experiences."

Emy Alegre: UX Lead at Redbubble
Emy Alegre UX Lead - Redbubble

Want to learn more about me and my work? Maybe you have a cool product idea, business or just want to talk design?